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The Enterprise Blues Band are Vaughn Armstrong, Casey Biggs, and Steve Rankin.

They have returned from Star Trek: The Cruise around Mexico and the Bahamas in January 2017, after spending a successful year playing Conventions and gigs in America and the UK in 2016.

If you haven't already done so, now is the perfect time to purchase the two EBB CDs on the Music page.

If you want to follow the EBB, and talk to other fans and like-minded sensible people, please find us on Facebook

Let the Band know on there you'd like a third CD!

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The Enterprise Blues Band

The Enterprise Blues Band
The EBB was formed by Vaughn Armstrong when he discovered a need to entertain fans at the Star Trek conventions he attended.

He contacted his actor and showbiz friends Casey Biggs, Steve Rankin, Ron B Moore, William Jones, and Richard Herd, and they began to write songs.

Two CDs with the original members have been released, 'Enterprise Blues' (2004) and 'Intergalactic Roots Music' (2005).

Vaughn, Casey, and Steve continue to play conventions and gigs to a growing family of loyal fans across the globe, and are always hailed as the highlight of the event they attend.  They know how to make a party!

The EBB fantastic CDs can both be purchased here.

Between CD releases and gigs, the EBB Family has a real community feeling, sharing thoughts and warmth across the world via the Forums or more recently on the EBB Facebook page.  Why not Join the Family?